Businesses strive to achieve regular customer inflow while being sustainable. One of the most common and effective ways is to have a glass storefront. Many commercial setups opt to have an all-glass front. While this looks glamorous, it also creates an impression of transparency. Customers can have a peek into the working atmosphere and it has a positive psychological effect.

What are the advantages of commercial glass installation?

Here are the pros that commercial glass installation brings to the business:

  1. Improved aesthetics: Glass creates attractive aesthetics. It looks pleasing to the eyes. Indirectly, it allures customers into the shop and benefits the business.
  2. Energy-efficient: Glass exteriors can save big on energy. They ensure maximum natural light into the building. There is decreased use of artificial lighting. In winters, the glass traps heat from the sun keeping the building naturally warm.
  3. Provides strength: The glass used for commercial purposes are tested multiple times for physical strength. Their tensile strength is guaranteed. Also, glass is resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. Regular cleaning is enough to keep it shining. The commercial glass installation provides additional strength to the building.
  4. Better security: When the interiors of the building are clearly visible from outside, there is heightened security to it. People can easily spot any burglar.


What types of glass are used in commercial glass Sacramento?

The glass that is used for commercial glass installation is stronger, with more tensile strength and higher boiling points. The most commonly used types of commercial glass Sacramento are:

  1. Flat glass: This type of glass is most commonly used for doors and windows. If someone tries to break it, it disintegrates into large pieces with irregular edges.
  2. Tempered glass or toughened glass: This type of glass is capable of enduring high temperatures and shock by about 400-500%! It provides structural durability. It is perfect to use if you are opting for large glass exteriors like in showrooms or restaurants.
  3. Laminated glass: If you are looking to give a glass exterior to the whole building, laminated glass is the best choice. A plastic layer is used between the two glass panes to ensure better strength. The glass holds together in case of any shock. As a result, there is no to minimal maintenance cost. It is also an excellent heat insulator.
  4. Security glass: As the name suggests, the USP of this type of commercial glass installation is providing increased security to the building occupants. The glass is bulletproof, blast-proof, and from any other kind of criminal activity. It is almost impossible to break in with this glass. It is also sound-proof and fire-resistant. If your business is at the danger of criminal acts or your office is located in such an area, it is best to go with this type of glass.
  5. Wired glass: A fine wire mesh is embedded in the glass pane, hence the name wired glass. This glass is highly heat resistant. So it is perfect to be used in areas with frequent wildfire cases and extreme temperatures.
  6. Insulated glass: This type of glass allows the warmth from the sun to enter the interior but does not allow its escape. This type of glass actually creates a greenhouse effect inside a building. So, it is perfect to be used in cold areas with sub-zero temperatures.

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