Efficient Window Glass Replacement in Sacramento

Central Glass Inc. is an expert in sliding glass door replacement and window glass replacement in Sacramento. We also provide repair and installation services and have been serving residential and commercial clients since 1972. So, you can rely on us for all your wide-ranging glass repair Sacramento needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for commercial or residential window glass replacement, we are here to get the job done for you.

Our team of trained technicians understand your requirements and help you effectively update your windows. Your replaced windows help increase energy efficiency to save several dollars each month on energy bills. For our window glass, we use energy-efficient technology to increase the window’s ability to keep your home cooler by reflecting heat.


Residential Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Sliding glass doors add functionality and elegance to your home’s entrance. At Central Glass Inc, we combine the best glass technology and your creative style to create the perfect sliding glass door design for your home. Our sliding glass door replacement services ensure that you have well-crafted, professionally installed, and durable glass doors.

We have an extensive collection of sliding glass doors and strive to offer value-added services to all our customers.

Even though it is not a common situation, windows can get impaired or broken. Sometimes they can get clouded or expand as a result of excessive heating. Irrespective of the problem and the cause of damage, we offer expert window glass replacement. We have built a strong reputation over the years by repairing and replacing window screens. We guarantee prompt services at competitive prices.

The different types of window glass we offer include:

  • Horizontal Slider
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Picture & Radius
  • Casement
  • Awning

We sell and install both Premium and Milgard Vinyl Windows. Milgard offers a Lifetime Warranty and Premium offers a 10 Year Warranty. Conditions apply.

Why Residential Window Glass Replacement in Sacramento?

Most homeowners don’t recognize the benefits of replacing windows. Glass windows not only enhance the curb appeal of your home but also improve:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of Operation
  • Noise Reduction

Horizontal Slider

Single Hung

Double Hung

Picture & Radius



Why Choose Central Glass Inc?

Central Glass Inc, with 40 years of experience, has professionally installed thousands of retrofit windows. In addition, we also offer quality installation of custom mirrors in Sacramento and ensure you have the best quality mirror installation on your property. The purpose of retrofit windows is to enhance the look of your home without time-consuming or costly siding repairs.

We understand the importance of high-quality work. A customer would not trust us in the future if we don’t deliver satisfactory services the first time. Therefore, we take the utmost care and focus on what we are offering. We stand by what we do and you can be confident that what you get is reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

We have come a long way with positive reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. We handle the minutest problems for sliding glass door replacement with efficacy and make your door functional again.

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We are here to efficiently work on your windows. We offer the best solutions to cater to your specific requirements. Reach out to us for all your sliding glass door replacement requests and we will be available to offer a free quote.


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