Commercial Glass Installation

Central Glass Inc can support you with glass replacement, storefront door repair, commercial glass installation, or any other glass repair job you may have. We provide a range of services for commercial projects and are trained to effectively manage your requirements.

Commercial glass installation is of two types - exterior and interior. We are equipped to handle all client demands with professionalism and deliver high-quality results.

commercial glass sacramento
commercial glass sacramento

Exterior Commercial Glass Installation

As the name suggests, all windows and glass doors installed on the outside of your commercial buildings come under the exterior category. The commercial style windows and doors are different from residential styles. In rare cases, these modern architecture window structures are installed in residential high rises and multi-unit buildings.

At Central Glass Inc, commercial window applications are of two types - Curtain Walls and Storefronts. Aluminum frames are used for both these types with various powder coated colors and glass inserts.

In the case of storefronts, we use single or double paced glass units. These entryways generally have smaller surface area openings. Our team can discuss your requirements with you and create a wide range of custom entry door styles that suit the design and style of your storefront.

On the other hand, the curtain wall commercial glass installation is suitable for large surface areas. An entire wall is created using glass screens and windows in various styles.

Curtain wall systems are suitable for all kinds of structures. These extend to create a glass wall that reaches high above the ground. Curtain walls deliver a refined professional appearance and we are proud to have created many hundreds of curtain walls in the last 40 years.

Interior Commercial Glass Installation

There are several uses of glass in the interiors of your commercial buildings. The purpose of this is both elegance and functionality. Glass partitions with styled glass can serve as decorative pieces. Besides, it helps to define spaces for different departments and maintain their privacy.

Central Glass Inc has several designs when it comes to interior glass. We have a team of trained technicians who understand the design and layout. We can create a custom creative solution for you to help you make the most of the glass in your office architecture.

Upgrade your Space with Commercial Glass Installation

Glass can help you upgrade your commercial property in terms of architectural design and functionality. When you opt for glass replacement services with Central Glass Inc, the appearance of your building changes. You can transform an old, outdated building into a functional and modern area with our range of glass materials that include:

  • Tabletops
  • Sliding Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Doorway and Enclosure Hardware
  • Office Windows
  • Storefront Windows
  • Commercial Glazing
  • Internal Partitions

Commercial Glass Installation Services in Sacramento

You can see our work in Arden, Sunrise, Downtown, Roseville Galleria, Country Club Malls, and ARCO Arena. We have also executed commercial glass projects in government high-rise buildings and school rehab projects for San Juan Unified, Sacramento City, and Elk Grove School Districts. We understand the requirements of public works projects.

Visit our photo gallery to see more photos of our work.


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